Saturday, December 2, 2006

Site#9: "A Fish Tale" Podesta/Underwood: Corner of Magnolia and Washington/Central City

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Assignment: One person tries to draw and the other person tries to stop them by drawing over and around them.
Tools: Anything to draw with and anything to draw on. We used stickers.

"At first we thought this assignment was kindof loud but then it got quiet and we did have some laughs. You have to be 100 percent about it or it is just a waste of your morning. A story got told which was a surprise. We think the fish is still swimming. We put the stickers up here because we think that during the hurricane there were fish swimming here and we wonder where they are now, like the people that used to be everywhere on this street. We hope you like our story if you go to read it remember that pictures were words first. Thanks!"
- The Sunshine Kids