Thursday, May 10, 2007

Site #19 "Bright Light Satellite" Citizen Action: Caffin at Galvez, Lower 9th Ward

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This installation, located around the corner from the "original" "Bright Light Fence", spontaneously appeared, an aesthetic hybrid, an outgrowth, like bamboo it spreads rhizomatically. Given that part of the intention of the "Bright Light Fence", using simple materials in an accessible fashion, was to positively inspire an, "I can do that!" reaction, the appearance of this satellite fence brings the AiA agenda full-circle.

The bottles are filled with dyed water and manually typed messages wrapped in wax paper. There is no mark of "authorship" and the land-owners are completely supportive. The original "Bright Light Fence" was recently demo'd, along with the house of its owner's, after almost 2 years of exhausting work on their part to move on to rebuilding. Both the destruction of the "original" and the sprouting up of this satellite reinforces many of the philosophies underlying the AiA manifesto.