Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Site #14: "Positive Thoughts" Terrence Sanders: Canal at Carondelet

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"I created this installation for the displaced and disenfranchised citizens of New Orleans. I believe that positive thoughts can create positive results and so have made this wall of positive statements. They can serve as a catalyst for evoking potential greatness in everyone. I offer this installation as a gift in hopes that when people encounter it they will take at least one statement with them on their life's journey."

Terrence Sanders


Marci "Merci" Davis said...

Thank you for putting beauty, color, and joy on the streets -- and on the minds -- of N.O. We read in the mainstream media the problems in the City, and yes, they are there, but what of the nobility, love, and courage that are shown every day? The pictures of the people interacting with "Positive Thoughts" is just that. Love in motion, Baby

ARTinACTION said...

I think the complexity of what is New Orleans is just beyond most folks - especially the media who need to reduce stories to the punchiest line. This is a complex city and it's a wonder to me, watching how the outside world watches or how they come in to interact. It can be good, it can be bad.

But the slippage, the messing of it - it's very mysterious, noone can "get it" just like that. How high & low art bleed into eachother for example, how violence & beauty coexist. Is it too big a picture for "the outside world" to grasp? I think it's a place where all the archetypal battles are being waged. Chris Rose writes, "It's not as if you realize you don't want to live anywhere else, it's that you realize there is nowhere else to live."

And the solution to the issues that plague us isn't for New Orleans or her people to be diminished, categorized, ordered according to external notions of what order is. The solution involves something more complex I think, inviting bigger uncontrollable things in, digesting harder questions. Anyhow it's good to be connected, and it's good to hear what "the outside world" has to say.

I like how folks interact with this piece. Reading, on the street.