Monday, November 27, 2006

Site #1 "T'n'T Murals" Anonymous: Corner of Caffin & Galvez/Lower 9th Ward

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"In this post-apocalypse town, what it's about now is not just what recovery means, how it's defined and how it manifests, but what survival means. We're non-stop being confronted with what is absent and missing and at the same time everyday there's the chance to be blown away that something still exists. That's what I think when I look at these paintings."
- Anonymous


Margaret said...

I've been anticipating the launch of "Art in Action" for some time so I'm excited that the project and its blog is a green light!

Re the images at this post - I think of Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia - and with its sceptor and cross this is an obvious reference to Christ. What strikes me here is the post-apocalyptic reference to New Orleans in the copy, the choice for anonymity of the artist and writer, and particulary the sad repose on the face of the magnificient lion. A picture really does say a thousand words...

Margaret Saizan

Ryan said...

Very nice. I like the whole concept. It's always amazes me that every person on our planet has a completely singular vision. It is a source of wonder and a source of strife. These artworks will tarnish and fade, subjected to the elements as they are. It is reflective of the surrounding areas, as it should be. This is all just change. Change is always a mixed bag of emotions. New Orleans has changed, we have changed.